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Elect-Owens-SignRonald “Scott” Owens is the District Attorney (DA) for Placer County and has been with the DA’s office since 1990. Prior to earning his law degree, Owens worked for the Placer County Probation Department.

Placer County law enforcement officials, crime victims and community leaders agree, no one is more dedicated to enforcing the law in Placer County than Ronald “Scott” Owens.

Re-Elect Experience:

  • Over 30 years in Placer County law enforcement
  • 22 years as a Prosecutor in Placer County
  • 2 years as Assistant District Attorney
  • 3 years as District Attorney
  • Supported by Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner

Placer County District Attorney Association Endorsement Letter

Placer County Deputy District Attorney Association

Placer County Deputy District Attorney Association


March 2, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:

Shortly after he announced his candidacy for reelection as the Placer County District Attorney, Scott Owens received the unanimous endorsement of the Placer County Deputy District Attorney Association.  The organization is comprised of the people that work to carry out Scott’s mission as a leader, and given the professionalism and integrity with which he leads our office, the endorsement was never in question. 

For years, Scott has honorably distinguished himself as a tireless prosecutor, devoting his career to the safety of the citizens of Placer County, and to the fair and impartial administration of the criminal justice system.  Since his election, he has aggressively targeted narcotics traffickers, gang members, sex offenders, and other violent criminals.  He has practically and effectively addressed the issues that realignment has presented, and he has implemented changes within the office that have provided all of us with the opportunity to thrive and better ourselves as prosecutors.  Simply stated, Scott and his administration have created a work environment that is positive, safe, and constructive.  Every employee, regardless of their assignment, is afforded the opportunity to learn and to grow.

On top of his professional achievements, Scott remains a proud father and a devoted husband.  He leads by example, and while he takes his work extremely seriously, he makes sure not to take himself too seriously.  As president of the Deputy District Attorney Association, I am proud to convey to Scott our endorsement for another term as our District Attorney.


Matthew S. Block

2014 Leadership Award for Legal Advocacy

On February 8, 2014 Ronald “Scott” Owens received the 2014 Leadership Award for his legal advocacy from the organization “Stand Up Placer, Empowering Survivors, Saving Lives”.   

IMG_4697_2 IMG_4694

Scott thanks the Stand Up Placer organization for this honor.

Scott thanks the Stand Up Placer organization for this honor.