By Scott Owens
I am a warrior.  My weapons are not guns, or knives or other instruments of physical harm, but the laws that I am sworn to uphold.

I will fulfill my mission to keep my community safe. I am sworn to see that guilt shall not escape, nor innocence suffer and will do so, no matter the cost.

I know that my job will come at great personal sacrifice, a sacrifice too often shared with my family and friends.

I will prosecute a case with courage and according to duty, and never be motivated by political reasons. Integrity and honor will be the hallmarks of my service and never be compromised.

First Responders deal with the immediate trauma felt by a victim. It is I who will shepherd those victims through the aftermath that is our criminal justice system.

Fairness requires objectivity. If evidence and introspection reveal myself to be unjust, I will temper my position with my duty to see that justice is done. It is my oath.

I will bear the responsibility of a Minister of Justice and not simply an advocate. Success will not be defined in victory in a case, but in seeing that truth and right prevail.

In the end, my only hope is that I will have the honor and respect of the victims and the community that I have served. It is enough.

I am a Prosecutor.